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We are wholesale distributors of Farm Fresh Agriculture and livestock produce. Check our website for product range and contact us for price catalogue.

Water Cleaning Chemicals tcca chlorine, Labsa 96 and other Chemicals f

We have/supply a wide variety of chemical products that serve different industries like, construction, textile, food and agriculture, water cleaning,

 Fresh Maize Corn/Boer Goats/Brahman cattle/Broiler chickens,Eggs in B

Fresh Yellow/Red/White Maize Corn for Sale in Bulk. We also have Boer Goats, Brahman Cattle, Awassi Sheep, Broiler Chickens and Eggs at affordable pri


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If your wi-fi connection has slow speed, there’s no point using the router on. Contact Gryphon Online Safety and buy new one mesh wifi system. We prov

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1470nm EVLT Surgical Diode Laser  for sale

DESCRIPTION S1-K12 1470nm 2-KG Laser System for EVLT, the symbol of small, smart and safety. It is a small, intelligent surgical laser designed specif